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Switzerland is a landlocked nation at the heart of Europe with a centuries-old tradition of direct democracy and armed neutrality, as well as a financial powerhouse and the home of numerous international political and humanitarian organisations.

Switzerland is also a green-eyed blond with a near-permanent scowl on his face, who will not hesitate to shoot you if you trespass on his property and who will always buy the cheapest cheese in the shops to save money.

It's a bit complicated...but history's a bit complicated, too.

Character Notes

Switzerland is from Hidekaz Himaruya's manga and anime series Hetalia: Axis Powers. To all outward appearances he is a short young man in his early twenties, with chin-length blond hair and green eyes. His standard uniform consists of a green battle-dress tunic or modern camouflage wear, often with a light-coloured beret. He always carries a handgun or rifle (and sometimes both) openly, and it should be assumed that he has at least one more loaded firearm or other weapon concealed somewhere on his person. His posture is conspicuously military, straight-backed and alert at all times.

This is a RP character journal played by [personal profile] gramarye1971.
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